Time Machine Organisation

The Time Machine Organisation will be the leading International Organisation for Cooperation in Technology, Science and Cultural Heritage.

The Time Machine Organisation will …

  • Be the institutional framework in order to ensure the sustainability and economic independence of The Time Machine Project
  • Be a strong collaborative network of institutions, experts and civil society
  • Ensure the powerful further development of technologies for capturing, processing and using historical data in many ways
  • Act as a bridge between disciplines and sectors and, in doing so, create strong new alliances
  • Run large-scale distributed digitisation and computing infrastructures that will connect history and culture across the world in order to make up for the past and future. This will pave the way for scientific and technological progress to become a powerful ally to safeguarding the diversity of Europe and therefore make the Time Machine vision come true!

The founding process is about to start! Your institution can be part of it!

The Time Machine Organisation founding process is open to institutions of any kind interested in making the Time Machine dream come true.

Join in as an Interim Member (without any financial or operational obligations)

Help us with your opinion and expertise to shape the basic foundations of the Time Machine Organisation!

The founding process starts in April 2019. It will comprise:

  • Collective discussion (in the form of online surveys) about basic framework conditions (constitution, membership categories and fees)
  • Organisational structures (executive and advisory teams) and staffing with people exercising various functions inside the organisation.

The process will be concluded by the constitutive general assembly in October 2019 and make decisions on the results of the preceding consultations in order to ensure that the Time Machine Organisation is ready to start as soon as possible.

Join in and become part of one of the most exciting endeavours of all time!